Going Back to Trade Shows after the Quarantine- A Revival Guide

There has been an abundance of empty halls, no handshakes, or follow-ups and calls about your business. The whole situation surrounding COVID-19 and corona virus has ended up cancelling all trade shows and businesses. Will any of these tradeshows truly recover again?

The entire scenario of corona virus has spiked up with time and brought upon an abrupt and never-ending halt to the vast majority and different types of trade shows, social outings and any sort of corporate meetings, have forced businesses into turning towards video calls and other means of virtual communications. Such developments have ideally led several businesses and companies to reflect on the value of large conferences and exhibitions that are put up and the costs that surround them when it is time to exhibit at such events, particularly for any small or big startups. Henceforth, the big question arises on whether when this crisis is over, will companies that have been able to manage just fine and properly with video conferencing decide to carry on with this mode, given how much cheaper it is and probably some more efficient?

Pop up Trade Show Displays

However, we know how essential it is to have proper interaction at actual trade shows and have listen down the points through which pop up trade show displays will remain important when the quarantine lifts, and it is safe to go back our previous lives again.

Methods in which real life and tangible trade shows will keep beating virtual means of conversing:

  1. Face-to-face interaction is the best way of interacting- Internet and video conferencing about your new start up or business maybe easier and nonetheless cheaper, but everyone knows how there can be unending disruptions due to connectivity. These can become the prime factors in causing issues in delivering your ideas to the other end where you want your message to be received.
  1. Drawing crowds can only occur through trade shows- Video conferencing or using virtual means of communicating might put your message and idea forward. However, virtual means will never be able to attract a proper crowd who will be interested in learning about your business. Hence, the attraction that can be caused by pop up trade show displays can never be achieved by virtual means of conducting workshops or trade shows.
  1. Relationships can be built surrounding trade shows- The amount of effort you put into building your business or organization can be directly understood with the presence of a booth or the way in which you decorate and prepare the booth. Therefore, interactions made with other people will be fruitful and can lead to creating formal and informal relationships which will end up helping your start-up or organization grow. Exhibitors are always eager to show samples of their products to their potential buyers and are able to network and drum up an opportunity for better connections and business deals.
  1. Establishment of Connections- Even though the pandemic has been keeping everyone away from modes of forming connections; the desire for it has simply accelerated.