Crystals and Minerals – Sugilite Stone of Higher Consciousness

The shading violet is regularly connected with mending, healers and our association with Divine Source Energy. Sugilite is among the numerous stones known as the Healer’s Stone, Stone of Unconditional Love and Self-Forgiveness. It symbolizes the most elevated beam of light, violet, purple and violet-red. These hues crumble all lower negative energies inside and around us.  Sugilite speaks to the incredible connection between the psyche and the physical body whose reason for existing is to set up cognizant power over our psychological perspectives. Having the option to oversee, not control yet deal with our points of view, our intellectual capacities empowers the recuperating intensity of the Cosmos to stream into and through our physical bodies offsetting the physical with Ethereal Energy.

This sugilite is a ground-breaking stone or mineral which has been skilled to us by Earth Mother since the mid 1980’s. It very well may be set on the Third Eye Chakra to relieve, purify, adjust and adjust your internal sight to your external sight. It will empower you to see past physical domain restrictions.  The Stone of Higher Consciousness resounds with the Crown Chakra, Third Eye and the eighth Chakra found simply over the Crown. Working with Sugilite or Luvulite as it is likewise known, during intervention will make and plan inside the physical body a channel to get monstrous measures of recuperating vitality, emanating every which way of reality on all levels in a similar minute.


For the empathic healer and all who are exceptionally Clairsentient, it will help you in adjusting your feelings and all you sense, carrying you over into arrangement with your actual Self.

Luvulite conveys with it messages from Angels to Earthly domain of physical issue. It will help you with coordinating what is before you with all that is presently behind you. This high vitality mineral stone of the violet beam dispersing self-question, empowering the client to channel and emanate the intensity of the violet-red light vitality recurrence.

  • Angelic Realm Association: Vihianna, Angel of the Purple Ray, will help all who ask, in working with their Crown Chakra, expanding your feeling of cognizant mindfulness and Spiritual development.
  • Healing Properties: discharges past feelings of disdain; breaks down disappointments; supports self-assurance mellowing sentiments of frailty and misery; tranquility, quietness and understanding
  • Vibrational Frequency: extremely high, amazing, deteriorates lower vitality vibrations
  • Spiritual Properties: Spiritual Expansion; raises cognizant mindfulness; develops reflection

To just look or concentrate on a bit of Sugilite regularly calms my Soul. I can truly feel and detect my physical body discharge all it conveys inside permitting me to re-focus, re-adjust all my vitality bodies with Divine Source Energy.